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We are professional waterproofing applicators who target the root of your water proofing problem. Instead of just applying waterproofing products and membranes, we assess the root cause thoroughly, and treat it accordingly, to make sure you have a guaranteed long-term solution. And, not only is our work efficient, but it also looks great!


What is waterproofing?

Waterproofing is used to prevent water from penetrating and damaging your building.

Water damage can lead to potential structural damage due to moisture build up within your walls and floors.

Our waterproofing services can help you avoid costly repairs or replacement that can result from your roof deteriorating under constant exposure to moisture.

We focus on customized waterproofing that is designed and implemented to address not only the current water damage but also to keep water from penetrating your walls and floors.

Epic Age Waterproofing and Paint Applying Waterproofing concrete roof

Benefits of Waterproofing

Waterproofing is an essential part of construction and building maintenance and includes benefits such as:

Why do our clients choose us?

We are a solution based team with the skills and expertise to provide the best service possible, taking care of the root causes, at affordable rates.

Coatings that give you Peace of Mind.

Epic Age Waterproofing & Paint is a company that focuses on residential and commercial projects, offering top of the range waterproofing, interior and exterior painting and specialist coating services.

We treat you like family.

At Epic Age, we place an extremely high value on the way in which we treat and work with our clients. With us, our client is not just “a number”, but rather a part of the Epic Age family, and therefore: is treated as such.

Quality in Every Corner.

It’s our aim to afford our clients the highest possible service, as well as an uplifting experience while we are on site. This is a direct contrast to the often stressful and painful experiences caused by many contracting companies.

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We specialise in Waterproofing, Paint and Specialist Coatings, like Industrial Floor Coatings, of residential and corporate structures.

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What Our Clients Say

What some of our clients had to say about what we do

“We cannot thank you enough for the beautiful work you did on our house… Our roof is now secure and beautiful thanks to the incredible work of the Epic Age team.”
Home Owner
Their work is of the highest quality and they are always prepared to go the extra mile in finding the best possible solution to your problems. Where other companies failed they came forward with cost effective solutions that worked great! Thank you Epic Age!
Warehouse Owner

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